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Learning to dance is a journey and the rewards that follow are many including:

the wonderful feeling of a new step being achieved

confidence to perform

applause and congratulations

building of friendships and learning lifelong skills

Dance Styles

At Pittwater Dance Academy we offer many varied styles of dance for students. We have classes for children from 18 months to Advanced level. Take a look below for something that will suit your child’s style.


babyballet® Program (18months-6 years)

babyballet tinies

18 months - 3 years


This class introduces the ‘tinies’ to ballet using actions, play and music. These little ones improve their motor skills and communication skills in a fun, friendly and happy environment. With a parent or carer involved, the children are able to engage and explore this wonderful new world of music and dance. Children are encouraged to interact during the class and are never pushed faster than their own speed. Within the class, many lessons are taught including counting, colours and co-ordination.


babyballet movers

3 - 4 years


This programme has been designed to encourage children to explore their imagination within the world of dance and music.

Students progress in a nurturing environment that aims to build self-esteem and confidence, strengthen gross motor skills and spatial awareness with the use of imaginative storytelling. Classes are suitable for girls and boys.

Movers can also join our Tappers classes!


babyballet groovers

4 - 6 years

The groovers class further develops self-control, social skills and coordination whilst remaining in a fun and friendly learning environment. This class is a great way to accompany the teachings of the preschool learning programme. Using simple steps as the basis of the class, children learn ballet in a friendly and non-competitive environment.

Groovers can also join our Tappers classes!


babyballet tappers

3 years onwards

Our preschool age tap dancing class is perfect for younger children who like to make a noise in their tap shoes! For children aged 3 and above, this dynamic, upbeat class teaches little ones basic tap steps accompanied by catchy music and songs.


R.A.D. Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is exciting and inspiring. Classical ballet develops co-ordination, body placement, poise and musicality. Classes are based on the syllabus set the by Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), a world-wide organisation and the largest examining and teacher education for classical ballet in the world. For more information visit the RAD website RAD exam sessions are held in May/June or September/October.

Jazz / Hip Hop classes

These classes are ideal for the student who likes fast and funky jazz moves. Jazz and hip-hop develops flexibility, co-ordination and core strength. These classes are energetic and great for improving fitness.


Each grade builds on technique and steps progressively. Dance Award group exams are held each year. Examiners are appointed by the Australasian Dance Association (ADA) (formerly the Federal Association of Teachers of Dance). For more information visit the ADA website


Tap develops a sense of rhythm, co-ordination and style. As students progress through the grades they are exposed to a variety of tapping styles and rhythms. When students are ready they have the opportunity to take part in exams with ADA each year.